Saturday, October 1, 2011

Started Autism Hockey This week

Hello and Thank you for stopping in today. Weight loss is stuck so I will be changing up my routine this week and should have positive results to report next week. We raised some more money this week and our official total right now is $3,464.82
Today Mikey started his second year of Hockey with the Baltimore Saints. They are a non-profit Hockey team that works with children with developmental disabilities. Everyone is welcome. We have close to 100 kids in 3 one hour sessions in Reisterstown Maryland and the majority of the kids are on the spectrum. I have to tell you a little about the people that started this wonderful program, Jimmie and Teresa Zinkham. They don't have children with Autism, they just love hockey and saw an opportunity to do some real good for the community through something they truly enjoy. They get up every Saturday morning before the sun comes up and Drive to Reisterstown to get the Ice rink ready for the first practice at 7:45. that's right 7:45 and they get there at least an hour before that and they live close to an hour away. You do the math, "Saints" could not be a more appropriate title. They have created a community where our son fits in and all of the other parents fell at home, it is truly wonderful. Mikey's coach "Coach Mark" has a little boy with autism too and the two quickly created a bond that I doubt will ever be broken. So, if,your in the Reisterstown area one Saturday morning and you want to see what these "disabled" children really can do in a positive environment, stop on by and say hello. We will be there every Saturday till the end of April at 8:45

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If you want to know more about the Saints, just click on the link below

Baltimore Saints Hockey

Would love to see you at my next event raising money for Pathfinders for Autism. Click here for all for all of the details and to register.

Networking and FUNDraising for Autism at MaGerks in Baltimore

Mike S.

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