Friday, May 27, 2011

Week 2 May 27th 2011

Hi Everybody, thanks for checking in this week. Lost three pounds so I am down to 263. No reports on donations yet but I have gotten some great feedback from people. Please mail your donations to the adress on the right or you use the "donate here" link to pay online.

Thank you again for your support. together we can achieve this goal

Mike Shelah

Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20th 2011, week 1

Hi Every body and thank you for checking out the blog today. It is my first run so I promise that upcoming videos will look better, but you will get the idea. All the money I raise will got to Pathfinders for Autism is hunt Valley Md. you can make donations on line or you can mail your donations to:

Pathfinders for Autism
303 International Circle suite 110
Hunt Valley MD 21030

Please note "40 miles for Autism" in the memo field on the check
you can contact them at  410-330-5370 for more information

I ask you to do 2 things:  donate whatever you can to help me reach me goal

Tell all of your friends


Mike Shelah

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I am going to raise $40,000 for Autism awareness and support

Hi: I am so glad you stopped by my new blog page today. On May 19th 2012 I am turning 40 years old and I plan to celebrate by doing something really positive. In the next 2 weeks I will begin an exercise and eating program to lose 40+ pounds of dangerous body fat. I also will be training my body to endure a 40 mile run to raise $40,000.00 for an Autism charity. I am currently working on several sponsors to help me achieve these goals. Please stand by for my first video post on May 19th 2011. I will tell you my start weight, where you can send donations and I should have my charity verified by then too! Each week I will post an update on how I am doing with fund raising and the pound losing. As the big day gets closer I will approach various media outlets to increase exposure for this event. Please share this with your friends and.....

thank you for your support!

Mike Shelah