Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Looking for 600 strangers willing to give me $50

I am taking a little different approach to my blog this week. First, I am glad to be writing at all. The car accident in November did result in a concussion which has resulted in terrible headaches for me for the last 3 weeks, and they have been getting worse. Today I am wearing my glasses because not wearing them hurt too much.  I still have a headache but it is much more tolerable. Back to the topic...

 So far I have raised $10,000 of my $40,000 goal for Pathfinders for Autism. I have a little over 6 months left to generate the other $30k. When I first started talking about this concept to my friends and family I said several times " I just need to convince 800 strangers to give me $50."  I figured, after that one guy managed to trade up from a paperclip all the way to a new home ( or was it a million dollars) that getting $40k in 12 months would be a reasonable goal. I have to say that the support from my friends and family has been great, but frankly it hasn't been enough, so I need to begin stage two..

Several people have told me that they would make a donation but have not yet done so. I must say, now is the time. With 2 weeks left in the year, you should get in your taxable donations now. otherwise you will just pay that money in taxes on April 15h. To all of my friends and family that have donated, THANK YOU! I would not be where I am right now with out you. Your support is truly appreciated. I am going back to the well to ask for your help again.I don't want you to donate more money (though that would be awesome) I want you to please share this blog post on your social media pages. The ONLY way I can get 600 total strangers to donate $50 is with good people like you telling your friends and family about what I am doing and encouraging to help.

I am sure there are many of you that have read my blog and considered making a donation, please read the paragraph above and apply it to yourself. This is the time of year when many people get their annual bonus and just feel in a giving mood  because of the holidays. If it helps, imagine me in a Santa suit with a fake beard, ringing a bell in the freezing cold standing over a green tri-pod with a red padlocked bucket for spare change.

Whatever it takes, I'm not picky. More importantly I am grateful! Because every penny goes towards my goal and goes to support Pathfinders for Autism, a great Maryland based non-profit focused on serving families in the state Maryland dealing with the every day challenges of Autism.

Thank you, together we can do great things


The fun events will start back up in January, once I work through the whole car accident concussion thing, Thanks

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Holidays & Autism

Hello, I am Back! It been a rough couple months but I am pulling myself together for an "end of the year" push. Please share my video blog on your social media today and I wish all of you a safe and Happy Holiday season.

Thank you, together we can do great things,