Thursday, March 8, 2012

French Fries, Toast & Peanut Butter

The funny thing about Autism is it really seems to effect your appetite. In our house, we go through a lot of French fries, peanut butter, gluten free toast, Stax potato crisps and fruit snacks. And when he's feeling fancy, we throw in some Steak-ums. Short list, I know. One of the big challenges to sensory issues is just that, sensory. Mikey doesn't have trouble with bright lights and loud noises don't seem to bother him more than they do any one else. But noisy places overwhelm him. The sensory must be at the root of the food. With the exception of the fruit snacks, just about everything Mikey eats is some shade of brown or tan.

When I tell people about Mikey and his Autism I often get feedback like "he seems fine." Sure in small doses Mikey can be anywhere from tolerable to down right lovable. But imagine for a moment that you knew beyond a doubt that giving your kid Pizza, or Mac and Cheese or Chocolate would make your kid vomit. Now compound that with the knowledge that he absolutely loves these things most of them have no good alternative. Now you have a glimpse into our world.
I haven't blogged much lately because of the new job and the mental drain that has put on me. I am hoping to get back into the swing of things. Have not started training again yet, I have to take that day by day. Frankly I am terrified to try anything like that again. The last time gave me headaches for days.

On a positive note, we did finally break $10,000.00 in donations. Also, one of my new Autism buddies ( were kinda like a secret society without the decoder rings) is helping me plan a huge event at Camden Yards for Memorial day weekend. Don't worry I will have that official announcement along with how to buy tickets soon enough.

For now, thank you all for reading this and sharing in our journey. I have some T-shirts left if anyone wants to buy one and if you just feel like kicking in $20 please use the link on this blog page.

See you all next week!

Mike S.

BTW, if reading this made you laugh, then you get it.